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About KnowHireMatch.com

As a teenager I dreamed of building supercomputers, like HAL from the movie 2001, a space odyssey.

I focused on science and math, and moved to the U.S. to study computer science and pursue my dream.

I was employee number 2 in a startup company, that rode the wave of the internet/tech boom of the mid 1990 ‘s. Two and a half years into the startup, money was good. I was on the fast track to success. Life was good, or was it?

I was dragging to go to work. I thought it must be the all nighters I had done over the years that were just catching up with me. I just needed a break. I took a week off, but I wasn’t looking forward to going back to work and I didn’t know why.

I took more time off and did some soul searching and discovered that although I had been ten years into my career as a software engineer, I really didn’t like my job. As for my dream of building supercomputers; well, that was just a random choice. As more time passed, I knew this wasn’t a passing phase attributed to job burnout.

But what work and career would I do? I spent months researching alternative careers and studying volumes of books on career planning and transition. Three month later, I identified a number of potential careers that suited my personality and interests. HR and Recruiting was as one of my top choices. After all, one of my many roles at the startup was being the sole HR/Recruiter. I was good at it and did it with enthusiasm and satisfaction. So I knew, I’m well suited for that work.

It was time to leave my software career. It was a tough decision, but the right decision. My new career mission was to help companies find the right candidates talent and find the right companies. I knew that my diverse background, experience, and career transition, brings more value to HR & recruiting.

During the past twenty plus years, much has changed in the world of HR & Recruiting. Yet the real challenge is still the same: How to recruit and retain the right talent.

Anyone with any real world experience in recruitment will tell you, there is no single quick fix; employers can recruit and retain good talent. There are, however, right measures and steps to take.

KnowHireMatch LLC., contribution and solution to the recruitment challenge is: Represent the Job Right, Represent the Talent Right, align them and you get the Right Hire Match.

To Represent the job Right is not the same as saying the right things to attract hires.

To Represent Talent Right is not the same as saying the right things to get hired.

KnowHireMatch can help you craft the right hire message. Our mission is to authentically capture and actionably communicate Job & Talent profiles that result in right hires.

Join us today and experience a new recruiting approach to an old problem.

Hani Mussa, Founder, and Chief Talent Officer, KnowHireMatch, LLC


“Hani is always good to work with. He sends good candidates!” - L. Shoemaker “Hani’s perspective during the hiring process was very helpful, he helped fill an important role, for one best clients. Thanks Hani!” – N Stoia

“Hani presented us with a great candidate immediately and he was a solid match for their requirements. We are looking forward to working with Hani on more deals!” – C. Szajkovics


"Hani, I appreciate your career coaching advice, the role playing exercises were very helpful in preparing me for interviews, for a different role, within my company.” – M. Hyder