Reputation Is Key

“What people say behind your back, is your standing in the community, in which you live.”  – Edgar Watson Howe. We’ve all heard the idiom, “bad news travels fast”.  Well this is even more true today in our digital, social media, hyper connected world. It seems that nowadays whenever we turn on the news, there […]

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A Hire Story

As a contingency recruiter, I work on job campaigns for companies that are looking to hire candidates for their open positions. These campaigns typically take from 30 to 90 days to complete. I only get paid if I successfully recruit a candidate for a given position and assuming the candidate stays on the job for […]

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"I’ve tried many life/career coaches before, but Hani is love, passion and deep knowledge for coaching, stands out from the crowd.”
– O. Williams


"Hani - Hits another Home Run ... we now have 4 placements. He is an outstanding recruiter ... we have regular communication and he qualifies candidates well.” – B. Wylan

“Hani was a great recruiting partner !Provided on target matched ( non boards) candidate for a VERY difficult to fill position. Offered his assistance throughout the interview/hiring process. Definitely want to do more business with him.”  – S. Griffith