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Make That First Impression Count

“Interviews are a terrible predictor of performance.” - Laszlo Bock - Ex SVP People Operations Google

We think there’s truth to this statement, yet most companies’ recruitment decisions are heavily weighted on a candidate performance, in the job interview.

Though it might surprise you to hear, that over the years, some of our better hires didn’t do so well at interviewing, yet we took some risk in hiring them, because we caught a glimpse of their future potential.

We know this is the exception in hiring, as most hiring professionals, are trained to quickly identify, what is lacking or missing, in a potential hire. As the saying goes, “You never get a second chance to make a first impression”.

The hiring truth is, to land the right job, it’s not enough, to just know, how to do any given job, you must also know how to interview well and beat the competition.

Our experience has proven, again and again, that job-interviewing skills are critical to success in landing your right job. So where does one go to learn how to Ace the job Interview? Well, if you browse any employment site, there are hundreds of articles on “job interview tips” that are available for free, that might help.

The DIY (Do-It-Yourself) approach to acing the job interview is commendable, and for those rare and exceptional candidates, that can navigate, the unexpected and unchartered waters of a job interview, hats off, and all power to you.

As for the rest of us, we need professional help in planning, preparing and practicing for the job interview, so that when interview day arrives, we are ready, ahead of the competition and it shows.

KnowHireCoach is our go to solution to prepare job candidates, for that upcoming and important interview. We’ve helped many job candidates, over the years, craft job winning interview performances.

Don’t just rely on how well you can do the job. You’ve got to wow them in the interview.

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"I wish I met Hani before I choose my college major. His knowledge of different industries and occupations is a great asset for anyone, looking for career transition." - V. Hawkins


"I interviewed for one of his recruiting jobs, he came across as easy going and sincere , we had a great connection, he took the time to get to knew, offered great career advice. Though I didn’t get the job, his advice, helped me land another job, a better suited role."
N. Sayed

"I’ve tried many life/career coaches before, but Hani is love, passion and deep knowledge for coaching, stands out from the crowd."
O. Williams