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Job Match

Long before we got in the recruiting business, we were talent. It didn't take us long to figure out, recruiters represented hiring companies, not talent.

1/3rd of Lifetime Hours Spent

Recruiters will court a candidate, if they think their paying clients might hire them. If the client passes on the candidate, the recruiter moves on, and the candidate may never hear from the recruiter again.

When we became recruiters, we vowed to do things differently, because we knew that to be effective we must equally represent and balance the hiring needs of both talent and employers.

We spend one third of our lifetime working, that’s about 90,000 hours. Given this reality, we’re all married to our jobs - a very special kind of marriage arrangement.

At KnowHireMatch, we are job/career matchmakers, matching talent to their right job opportunities.

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“He’s got an uncanny ability to hone-in on your strength and weakness, like some kind of career coach whisperer.”

– V. Hawkins

"I’ve tried many life/career coaches before, but Hani is love, passion and deep knowledge for coaching, stands out from the crowd.”

– O. Williams