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Long before we got in the recruiting business we were hired talent in the job marketplace.

It didn’t take us long to realize that recruiters, represented employers; not talent.

Recruiters will court a candidate, if they think their paying clients might hire them. If their client is not interested in them, candidates might never hear from the recruiters again. This is how most recruiters operate, in the hiring marketplace; with some few exceptions.

At KnowHireMatch, we firmly believe, this reality, in which recruiters only represent employers interest, under serves talent and employers alike.

You see any good recruiter, puts the time and effort, to get to know their client and their jobs, so that when they represent them, they know more than just what is already in the job description or on the employer’s website.

As for candidates, most recruiters, screen them for job suitability, however, rarely would they go in-depth, to learn more about the candidate, beyond what is already on their resume.

The cost of this one sided representation often results in not making a good hiring match between employer and talent.

We vowed to change this shortcoming, by representing both employers and talent, with the goal of making better hire matches.

We at KnowMatch think that a Job search process should not

      • Require candidates to be expert and dedicated researchers just to find a good job
      • Require candidates to spend precious, countless hours, searching for jobs, with mixed results
      • Require candidates to fill lengthy job applications, for a job, that may or may not be a good fit

We at KnowMatch think that a Job search process should

      • Candidates would spend less time job searching and more time job interviewing
      • Candidates would have enough info about a job before having to fill out a job application
      • Candidates would get regular and timely status updates on all their active job applications

Let KnowHireMatch be your Recruiting Agent, marketing you and screening for the right jobs, while you focus on landing the job.

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"Excellent collaboration - augmenting Field Services squadron with more top notch talent. Let's continue to feed the fire." - R. Spaulding


"Hani, I appreciate your career coaching advice, the role playing exercises were very helpful in preparing me for interviews, for a different role, within my company." - M. Hyder

"Hani is a great coach & communicator, he knows how to prep you, even for the most grueling interviews." - J. Vasquez