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Let KNOW HIRE MATCH make the connections so you can concentrate on more imporant things.

Over the course of our long careers in hiring, we have influenced and advised career and hiring decisions and directions for hundreds if not thousands of candidates. These candidates covered a wide gamut of experience level and professional backgrounds. Their coaching needs varied; from the fresh grads, looking for first professional position, others were established in their careers, seeking the right role/company. A few were seasoned managers and executives that were looking to transition to a new career. Whether you need coaching and prep for that all important, upcoming job interview, or coaching advice on how to find your Right job, or guidance for talent, seeking to discover and transition to new careers. The truth is, we can all use coaching to better ourselves, and especially regards to career development. If you’d like to learn more about our specific coaching services, please click here to learn about Job Interview Coaching, and here to learn about Career Development Coaching. Click here to sign-up.

Connecting Talent With Recruiting


Careers for your

find work faster in the type of employment that's the right match for you

Let KnowHireMatch be your Recruiting Agent, marketing you and screening  for the right jobs, while you focus on landing the job.

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Talent for your

In our line of Business, Finding the right talent makes all the difference

It doesn't have to be an either/or between traditional recruiting vs. digital age recruiting. The solution is all the above - traditional and digital age recruiting combined.

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Career Coaching

Not happy with your current job?

We can help! Let us coach you to on how to craft an authentic and actionable career development plan & strategy you truly feel passionate about.

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"I’ve tried many life/career coaches before, but Hani is love, passion and deep knowledge for coaching, stands out from the crowd.”
– O. Williams


Latest Jobs

Looking for the most recent job posts?

Check out our Job's Board to find a jobs in your field and area. Jobs are updated daily. Be sure to sign up for our email list to receive regular updates.

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"Hani presented us with a great candidate immediately and he was a solid match for their requirements. We are looking forward to working with Hani on more deals!"
C. Szajkovics


Interview Readiness

Make That First Impression Count

Don’t just rely on how well you can do the job. You’ve got wow them in the interview. Click below to learn more about our Interview Coaching.

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“He’s got an uncanny ability to hone-in on your strength and weakness, like some kind of career coach whisperer.” 
– V. Hawkins